Celebrate the
Grandeur of Arrival

An important part of the experience when visiting a colonial bungalow was the impressive sense of arrival. As visitors reached the gates in their horse-drawn carriages, they went past a gravelled path to the Port-cochère, a structure designed to protect the guests from the harsh tropical elements. Here they would typically be recieved by a doorman in fine livery who would assist the ladies and gentlemen with disembarking and guide them through the main doors of the home to the reception parlour. It is an experience that has informed the impressive arrival lobby and drop-off at Park Colonial which is designed to welcome your guests into your home here with the same sense of ceremony and courtesy.

A Lavish Garden of
Picturesque Possibilities

Fine living always find its true place among the delights of
nature. The beauty of floral colours, set like sparkling
jewels among the verdant lushness of textured foliage is an
enduring delight at Park Colonial.

Entertaining guests will be a pleasure with the expansive
outdoor courtyard where one can find a charming English
Breakfast House. Spend a lazy afternoon reading in the
alcoves of the Tea Garden. And delight your senses with
the multifarious scents at the Floral Sanctuary. This is a life
of pure enchantment.

Indulgences to
Cosset and Vitalise

Immerse in
endless pleasure.

During the colonial times, swimming and other sports played an important role since it helped fill the idle hours of the colonials who had to wait for months for news of home. It was very much a luxury and was reserved only for the privileged few.

A Lush, Verdant
Sanctuary of Pleasure

A paradise of

Verdant enclaves like gardens and parks are an important part of the Colonial experience. Public and expansive spaces for intimate picnics, the melodious chirping of birds from a distance, and the scented breezes that spread happiness on a Sunday afternoon.

Step into your own island paradise as you
make your way towards the Island Pool
and Island Deck. Find absolute relaxation
at the Sensory Spa Pavilion. Take a
leisurely stroll down the Colonial
Boulevard and feel one with nature. Be
refreshed at each step of the unique
Tranquil Waterway. Experience so much
more than the usual here.

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